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Our Mission Is To:

Need 2 Succeed is independent training provider with a mission is to empower lives and strengthen communities by providing a supportive and inclusive environment where every individual can succeed, learn, and thrive.

We aspire to shape a future where our learners are confident, compassionate, and well-prepared, so that they can make positive contribution to the well-being of individuals and communities in which they live and work.

Our Vision Is To:

Develop opportunities for lifelong learning where students can reach their full potential, equip individuals with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in their chosen field, and empower people of diverse ages and backgrounds to experience a collective spirit of shared identity, mutual support, and achievement.

  • Our Values

    1. Excellence: We are committed to excellence in all that we do. We strive for the highest standards in education, training, and support services, consistently seeking ways to improve and innovate.
    2. Encouragement: We believe in the power of education to motivate and encourage individuals, helping them realise their full potential and achieve their career goals.
    3. Animate: We actively engage with communities, local organisations, and partners to address the unique needs and challenges they face and develop programmes that positively contributes to community development and Lifelong Learning. 
    4. Inclusivity: We value diversity and inclusion, ensuring that all learners, regardless of their background, have equal access to opportunities and feel respected and supported.
    5. Integrity: We operate with the utmost integrity, maintaining honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all our interactions with learners, staff, and stakeholders.
    6. Social Impact: We are driven by a commitment to create a positive social impact, as our learners go on to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others through their work and future life choices.

    These values guide our actions and decisions, shaping the culture and identity of Need 2 Succeed as an organisation dedicated to education, community service, and positive social change.

  • Our Aims

    1. Empowerment and Skill Development: To empower individuals with the knowledge and skills required for a successful career in Youth Work and Health and Social Care, enabling them to make a positive impact on the lives of others.
    2. Access to Quality Education: To provide accessible and high-quality education and community based learning opportunities to a diverse range of learners, regardless of their background, to promote inclusivity and equal access.
    3. Industry-Relevant Training: To deliver training programmes that align with industry standards and requirements, ensuring that our learners are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities in their chosen field.
    4. Personal and Professional Growth: To foster the personal and professional growth of our learners, helping them develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills that are essential for their chosen personal career paths.
    5. Community Engagement: To actively engage with local communities and organisations, working collaboratively to address the unique needs and challenges faced by young people and individuals in need of health and social care services.
  • Our Objectives

    1. Curriculum Excellence: Develop and maintain a cutting-edge curriculum for qualifications that meets or exceeds industry standards and regulatory requirements.
    2. Student-centred Learning: Implement student-centred teaching and learning approaches that cater to diverse learning styles, foster active participation, and provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment.
    3. Enhanced Employability: Facilitate work placements, internships, and practical experiences for our learners, equipping them with the practical skills and experience needed to excel in the workplace.
    4. Continuous Improvement: Regularly review and improve our programmes, incorporating feedback from learners, staff, and industry partners to ensure the highest quality of education and training.
    5. Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion: Foster a diverse and inclusive learning environment by actively recruiting and supporting learners from underrepresented backgrounds and addressing their unique needs.
    6. Community Partnerships: Establish and strengthen partnerships with local organisations, authorities, and community groups to promote community engagement, awareness, and support in community and vocational areas.
    7. Professional Development: Invest in the professional development of our staff, ensuring they remain current in their fields and provide the best support and guidance to our learners.
    8. Evaluation and Assessment: Implement robust evaluation and assessment mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of our training programmes, using the data to drive continuous improvement and innovation.
    9. Compliance and Regulation: Ensure strict compliance with all relevant educational regulations, safeguarding policies, and quality assurance standards to maintain the trust and confidence of learners and stakeholders.
    10. Outcomes and Success Stories: Continuously track and showcase the success stories and achievements of our learners, contributing to the wider recognition of Need 2 Succeed as a leading training provider.

Need 2 Succeed was set up in March 2006 to offer accredited training, consultancy and project management service, on a range of solutions to help develop staff teams working within the public, voluntary and community sector.

We have been involved with the setting up and supporting a number of high profile and innovative community projects across South West London, including youth engagement projects with the Police, social enterprises, interim project management and short-term consultancy support.

To date we have helped over 200 professionals achieve their qualifications and career development through apprenticeship, trainee and continued professional development (CPD).

Our training courses are offered through a blended mixture of online, class based and 1:1 coaching & assessment.

Though our work with London Youth we have helped 27 organisations acquire their London Youth Quality Mark (Ambition) and continue to provide advice to agencies in achieving quality assured services.

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Rob Mobile

In 2008 Rob Mobile (Director) was awarded the London Borough of Merton Excellence Award for his services to the community and voluntary sector and continues to champion support in the sector.

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